An ode to the film noir-inspired, stream of consciousness-infused, semi-satirical, semi-Shakespearean, ultra-chic, sexually charged, screwball-turned-tragicomedy made for extreme romantics.
Risks seemed irresistible to the bewitched collective throughout last night's Wigmore Hall recital; synchronicity less so.
Volume 2 is out today, and Volume 1 will be FREE until 25 December. Here is a carousel of recently crafted promotional images: art by Eloise G. Morgan…
CLP 2's promise of a new relationship... whether you want it or not.
Fervent renderings made for a hybrid of spectacular and spent notes in the mezzo’s sentiment-rich concert beside pianist Joseph Middleton.
Hours after Queen Elizabeth II’s passing the ensemble emanated an imperialism seemingly imperishable.
Mawkishly mundane conducting inundated landmarks by Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov with eyesores of mistakes in a selection of contemporary and well-known…
The twenty-three-year-old Italian pianist pinned his name onto posterity in a performance of perfected creativity at Wigmore Hall.
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Crepuscular Musings